Saturday, 30 April 2016

Review - The Knot by Mark Watson

Simon and Schuster

Synopsis (From Amazon) - Dominic Kitchen is a wedding photographer. Every Saturday since his career began in the sixties he has photographed a bride and groom on the happiest day of their lives, captured the moment they tied the knot forever, and then faded away into the background.

But throughout his life, Dominic has felt a knot inside him tighten, threatening his own chance of a happy ever after. And as the years go by, it becomes more difficult to ignore, until the ties that bind threaten to tear him apart…

My Review – Reading this book was like going down the Rabbit Hole and into Wonderland; utterly disturbing, but hard to look away.

I struggle to talk about this book because I want to discuss it, but I also never want t have to think about it again. I can’t say why without spoilers, but trust me, as good as this book is, it left with a bad taste in my mouth.
        Watson does not fail to deliver a poignant novel with excellent writing. I really enjoyed reading about Dominic’s life; it’s very rare you read a book where the whole life of the protagonist is told. I liked his character; I liked Victoria, and all of the supporting characters. However, there is one aspect that I found very hard to get anything from other than disgust and unease, if you’ve read the book, you know. It’s quite a central plot point but it made me feel gross for even reading the book. At one point I was sure the book wasn’t going to go there, but oh boy did it. Obviously I know you are not supposed to condone what happens, but I spent most of the book hoping it wasn’t heading in the direction that it so obviously was.
        As I said, I never want to have to think too much about this book again, but it does stay with you, and I guess that is to its credit. It is very much reminded me of reading Lolita, illicit with amazing prose. If you don’t mind being a little sickened, I would recommend it, it is an interesting book, and the writing is faultless.

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