Monday, 15 February 2016

5 Things University Taught Me About Reading

1). How to be analytical and critical of what I am reading.

This seems to be an obvious one, but uni taught me how to read and really analyse and take in what I am reading.

2). It’s not all about the ‘classics.’

Before I went to university I almost became obsessed with Victorian novels. I thought they were the be all and end all of literature. Not that I don’t still absolutely adore the classics still, but university helped me appreciate that there are a plethora of other works out there that are just as good, even better. I am not going to lie to you I was a bit of a literary snob before I went to uni.

3). How to appreciate reading for pleasure.

I spent a lot of time whilst at university reading for my course, so I found that any time reading what I actually wanted to was very much appreciated, longed for even. I still managed to read quite a bit of my own books but I found that time was much more sacred after reading Freud for 2 hours.

4.) How to appreciate the book for its physical form.

I took a module in my third year that explored the physical form of the book and it opened up my eyes to the way books are made and it just made me appreciate the physical form of the book for what it is, before I went to uni I think I took books for granted.

5). That I bloody love Shakespeare.

In my third year I took a Shakespeare module and I am so, so, glad I did. I just learnt so much about Shakespeare and his works, and I got to study plays I would probably have never picked up, as well as learning more about the historical context of his plays,

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